"Police Brutality: Black Man ‘Eric Garner’ killed on camera by Police for breaking up a fight"

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Video responses to Hidden Colors III

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Bussa: Barbados slave revolt leader & national hero

"Travel" f. @QueensDlight by @DUCKWRTH (dir. Israel Ramos)

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Asheru and The Funk Ark / “Funky DC”  

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Mama Ruby Dee & family.

Mama Ruby Dee & family.

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VALUES CLARIFICATION EXERCISE: All of the following values are worthwhile. Please take 7 minutes to select your top 10 (check), and then your top 5 values (two checks). This exercise is courtesy of miss Rashondra Woods, English educator at Morningside HS in Inglewood, Cali-forn-i-aye. Brilliant idea.

____ACHIEVEMENT (sense of accomplishment by means of skills, practice, perseverance, or exertion)

____ADVANCEMENT (moving forward in your career through promotions)

____ADVENTURE (work which frequently involves risk taking or travel)

___ AESTHETICS (involved in studying or appreciating the beauty of ideas, things, etc.)

____AUTONOMY (work independently, determine the nature of your work without significant direction from others)

____CARING (love, affection)

____CHALLENGE (stimulates full use of your potential)

____CHANGE & VARIETY (varied, frequently changing work responsibilities and/or work settings)

____COMPETITION (your abilities against others where there is a clear win/lose outcome)

____COOPERATION (opportunity to work as a team toward common goals)

____CREATIVITY (being imaginative, innovative, coming up with ideas)

____ECONOMIC SECURITY (having enough money)

____EXCITEMENT (experience a high degree of, or frequent excitement in your work)

____FAMILY HAPPINESS (being able to spend quality time and develop relationships with family)

____FRIENDSHIP (develop close personal relationships)

____HEALTH (physical and psychological well-being)

____HELP OTHERS (be involved in helping people in a direct way, individually or in a group)

____HELP SOCIETY (do something to contribute to improve the world)

____INNER HARMONY (being at peace with oneself)

____INTEGRITY (sincerity and honesty)

____INTELLECTUAL STATUS (be regarded as an expert in your field, thought of as smart)

____KNOWLEDGE (understanding gained through study and experience)

____LEADERSHIP (influence over others, rather lead than follow)

____LEISURE (have time for hobbies, sports, activities and interests)

____LOCATION (live somewhere that will fit your lifestyle and allow you to do the things you enjoy most)

____LOYALTY (steadfastness and allegiance)

____PLEASURE (enjoyment)

____POWER (authority, control)

____PRECISION (work in situations where there is little tolerance for error)

____RESPONSIBILITY (being accountable for results)

____RECOGNITION (getting acknowledged for your contribution)

____STABILITY (work routine and have largely predictable duties, not likely to change over a long period of time)


____TIME FREEDOM (flexible work schedule, no specific work hours required)

____WEALTH (profit, gain, make a lot of money)

____WISDOM (accumulation of knowledge)

Tamara Renée / The Moon Goddess